How to run PHP program in XAMPP

How to run PHP programs in XAMPP: PHP code can be written in any editor like notepad, notepad++, sublime text. After writing the PHP code, you need to save the program inside htdocs folder of XAMPP.

For example, I have created one filename called first.php and saved it inside htdocs folder.

I am using Windows operating system and installed XAMPP inside C drive. So the path of htdocs is “C:\xampp\htdocs”.

PHP programs run on web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Below are some steps needed to be run PHP program using XAMPP.

Step 1: Create a simple program like firsh.php

echo "<h3>First program from XAMPP</h3>"; 

Note: PHP statements ends with semicolon (;).

Step 2: Save the PHP program into htdocs folder inside xampp.

Step 3: Start XAMPP control panel and Apache webserver.

start xampp

Step 4: Now, open your web browser and type localhost http://localhost/first.php on your browser window.

Step 5: Output of the above program will be shown as screenshot below.

PHP Output


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