Company Full Forms List

Sometimes you might be thinking that what is the full form of the Big Companies like GOOGLE, YAHOO, BMW, and More. The list of full forms of famous companies is given below.

Sr. No. Acronym Full Form
1 ABC American Broadcasting Company
2 ACC Associated Cement Companies
3 ADIDAS From the name of the founder Adolf (Adi) Dassler
4 ADOBE From the Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of co-founder John Warnock
5 AKAI From the named for its founder, Saburo Akai.
6 Amazon Bezos Wanted A Name For His Company That Began With “A” And He Took The Name Amazon
7 AMD Advance Micro Devices
8 AMUL Anand Milk Union Limited
9 AOL American Online
10 APC American Power Conversion
11 APPLE Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange
12 ASUS Named after Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology
13 AT & T American Telephone and Telegraph Company
14 ATI Array Technologies Incorporated
15 AUDI From The Surname of The Founder August Horch (Audi, in Latin)
16 BenQ Bringing Enjoyment N Quality
17 BHEL Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
18 BHW Bell & Howell Company
19 BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke
20 BPL British Process Laboratory
21 BSNL Bharat Sanchaar Nigam Limited
22 CASIO From the name of its founder, Kashio Tadao
23 CEAT Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino
24 CISCO Computer Information System Company
25 CNBC Consumer News and Business Channel
26 CNN Cable News Network
27 COCA-COLA Derived from the coca leaves and kola nuts used as flavoring
28 COMOAQ Compatibility and Quality
29 COREL Cowpland Research Laboratory
30 DELL Michael DELL
31 DLF Delhi Land & Finance
32 DMART Came from the owner name Ramakrishna DAMANI
33 eBay Orgin from “Echo Bay”
34 EPSON Named from “Son of Electronic Printer”
35 ERICSSON Named after its founder Lars Magnus Ericsson
36 ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
37 Exide Excellent Oxide
38 FERRARI From the name of its founder, Enzo Ferrari.
39 FIAT Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
40 GE General Electronics.
41 GOOGLE Global Organisation Of Oriented Group Language of Earth
42 HCL Hindustan Computer Limited
43 HITACHI Old place name, literally “sunrise”
44 HMT Hindustan Machine Tools
45 HONDA From the name of its founder, Soichiro Honda
46 HP Hewlett-Packard
47 HSBC Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
48 HTC High Tech Computer
49 IBM International Business Machines Corporation
50 IMDB Internet Movie Data Base
51 INFOSYS Information System
52 ING International Netherlands Group
53 INTEL Integrated Electronics
54 ITC Imperial Tobacco Company
55 KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken
56 KISCO Kudremukh Iron and Steel Company
57 KODAK From the letter K, the favorite letter of Gorge Eastman (Founder)
58 L & T Larsen & Toubro Limited
59 LENOVO LE(Legend), NOVO(New).
60 LG Lucky Goldstar
61 LML Lohia Machines Limited
62 McDonalds From the name of the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, who founded the first McDonald’s
63 MDH Mahashian Di Hatti
64 Motorola From Motor and Victrola – as originally they made car radios
65 MRF Madras Rubber Factory
66 MS Microsoft
67 Napster Named after Fanning’s hairstyle-based nickname
68 NDTV New Delhi Television
69 Nero Nero Burning ROM named after Nero burning Rome
70 Nike Named for the Greek goddess of victory
71 Nikon The original name was Nippon Kogaku, meaning “Japanese Optical”
72 Nissan The company was earlier known by the name Nippon Sangyo which means “Japan Industries”
73 Nokia From the finnish city of Nokia
74 OAB Oman Arab Bank
75 Oracle The name Oracle comes from the code name of a CIA project
76 P & G Procter & Gamble
77 Philips From The Name Of The Founders Gerard Philips And Anton Philips
78 PVR Priya Village Roadshow
79 QGC Questar Gas Company
80 Red-Hat Founder Marc Ewing Use To Wear A Red Cap
81 Reebok Name Comes From The Afrikaans Spelling Of Rhebok, A Type Of African Antelope
82 RIM Research In Motion
83 Samsonite Named From The Biblical Character Samson, Renowned For His Strength
84 Samsung Meaning Three Stars In Korean
85 SONY Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo
86 Suzuki From The Name Of Its Founder, Michio Suzuki
87 TATA Named After Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata
88 TCS Tata Consultancy Services
89 TELCO Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company
90 TISCO Tata Iron and Steel Company
91 Toshiba Named From The Merger Of Consumer Goods Company Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Co)And Electrical Firm Shibaura Seisaku-Sho
92 Toyota From The Name Of The Founder, Sakichi Toyoda
93 TVS From The Name Of The Founder T. V. Sundaram Iyengar
94 UPS United Parcel Service
95 VIACOM Video & Audio Communications
96 VISA From The Latin Word “Charta Visa” (Verified Paper, Lit. “Paper That Has Been Seen”)
97 Vodafone From Voice, Data, Telefone
98 Volkswagen From The German For People’s Car
99 Volvo From The Latin Word Volvo, Which Means “ I Roll ”
100 Wal-Mart Named After Founder Sam Walton
101 WD Western Digital
102 WIPRO Western India Product Limited
103 YAHOO Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle
104 Yamaha Named After The Founder Torakusu Yamaha

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