C++ Features

In this tutorial, you will learn about various features of C++ programming.

C++ is a programming language with many features and capabilities. Below are the features of C++.

  1. Simple
  2. Machine Independent
  3. Mid-level Programming language
  4. Structured Programming Language
  5. Rich modules of the library
  6. Memory Management
  7. Speed
  8. Pointer
  9. Recursing
  10. Extensible
  11. Object-Oriented
  12. Compiler Based

1) Simple

C++ is a very simple language because it gives you the ability for a structured approach which means to break a bigger problem into smaller parts, data types, and a rich set of libraries and functions for the user to use. it uses both OOP (Object-oriented programming) and PO(procedural programming) concepts and is a good starting point to understand both types in depth.

2) Not dependant on the machine

It is not machine dependant like assembly-level language.  The programs written in this language can be executed on a wide range of computers with little modification or no change. But the user needs to remember that it is not platform-independent.

Let us understand this feature of C++  with the help of an example. Suppose you have written a C++ code that can be run in the various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, or Mac OS which makes the C++ machine-independent. However, the C++ executable of Windows can be run on Linux operating system.

3) Mid-level Programming language

C++ can be used for high-level programming language features and also low-level programming language features. It can be used to develop low level i.e. system programs like drivers, kernels, and high-level applications like games, desktop applications, and GUI, etc. This is the main reason C++ is also known as a mid-level programming language as it can support both low and high-level languages.

4) Structured Programming Language 

C++ is structured or modular in the sense that a big program can be divided up into smaller subprograms or parts using functions or methods. So that the parts can be easy to understand and modify as needed. If a task is being repeated more than once then defining it in a function would be beneficial and hence maintaining a proper structure to your code makes it more efficient and memory efficient.

5) Rich modules of the library

C++ has a rich library of modules at your disposal which you can use to your convenience and requirement during coding.

6) Memory Management

It has the added benefit of Dynamic Memory allocation which allows the coder to allocate memory at runtime to save memory. This saves the memory consumption of a program and no need to initialize a high amount of memory to a variable during compile time. C++ has this better and efficient Memory management technique.

7) Speed

The Speed of C++ is still comparable with many other languages and It does have a simpler and faster execution speed which makes it a favourite where time is a constraint in problem-solving.

8) Pointer

C++ has pointers in it which allows the programmer to directly interact with the computer memory. Pointers can also be used for various functions, memory, structures, and more.

9) Recursing

C++ allows to call a function from inside another function and this feature is known as recursion. It provides great opportunities for code reusability in bigger programs where one task is being repetitively performed over and over again.

10) Extensible

C++ is extensible because it can easily adopt new features much easier than any other language and hence that’s why it is also known as extensible.

11) Object-Oriented

C++ is also an Object Oriented Programming language and hence it is easier to manage the code as its size grows with the advent of coders and with the help of OOP concepts.

12) Compiler Based

This means that C++ is based on a compiler first and without compiling any C++ code, it cannot be executed. So to execute any C++ code, it first needs to be compiled and then turned into the intermediate form which is then ready for execution.

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